Monthly Activity Report of the Decentralized Climate Foundation A.C. January.

5 February 2023

:beginner: Introduction.

This monthly report aims to provide an overview of the activities, projects, and finances of the Decentralized Climate Foundation Civil Association. Through this document, we seek to inform our members and collaborators of the achievements and challenges we face during the month. Furthermore, we hope to provide transparency and accountability on the use of resources and progress towards our long-term goals. This report includes details on the activities carried out, the status of ongoing projects, a financial analysis, and future planning.

📈 Activities carried out.

The activities for the month of January were divided into 7 main divisions which are subdivided into specific tasks each of which are as follows:

Maxcoin MVP.

From 1 to 2 January. In this activity, the main and only revision of the MVP that the Foundation prepared for Maxcurrent was carried out, technical and orthographic revisions were made and final details were fine-tuned to present it to Maxcurrent’s staff. A total of 2 people participated.

4th January. In this activity, the MVP of Maxcoin was recorded on the Github & Gitlab platforms to provide evidence of the work done and so that the entire community of developers from these platforms could be familiar with the project and provide feedback. The main developer of the project participated.

6th January. This activity proposed the discussion, review and voting of Maxcurrent’s MVP project to be approved by the members of the Decentralized Climate Foundation’s Board of Directors in the Foundation’s official DAO. All members of the Board of Directors participated in this activity.

The vote can be consulted at the Annexe 1.

Deploy and vote Phase 0 DAO.

6th January. In this activity, the phase 0 for the use of the DAO Company template in Aragon was proposed for discussion, review, and voting, containing the proposal for a new workflow model proposed for the Foundation, with the aim of being approved by the members of the Decentralized Climate Foundation’s Board of Directors in the official DAO of the Foundation. All members of the Board of Directors participated in this activity.

The voting can be consulted at the Annexe 2.

The proposal can be found at the Annexe 3.

R&D Phase 1 DAO.

8th January. Tests were conducted on different DAOs from the Aragon platform but on a different test network, in this case the chosen network was POLYGON. Tests had not been conducted on this network before and it was determined to conduct them so as not to focus on a single test network that until this point was Goërli, this in order to determine the best options for implementation within the decision-making processes within the organization. It was a research, testing, and documentation effort. The main developers of the foundation participated in this activity.

8th January. Likewise, within the aforementioned activity, a check was carried out on the previous research carried out on how to use DECA in Phase 1 to implement it in the internal processes of the Foundation’s governance. In this same activity, the two main developers of the Foundation’s projects participated again.


January 2nd. The pending tasks for the year 2022 regarding the administration of the Foundation have been completed, such as the review of some outstanding accounts, the start of the annual report, and matters regarding university students who will be presenting their social service. The Director of the Foundation participated in these tasks.

6th January. In order to decentralise functions within the Foundation, the General Director starts to cede limited control of his functions and delegates certain responsibilities to a new associate. Within these delegated functions are the ones to have access to the Foundation’s accounts, as well as cryptocurrency wallets, bank accounts, and online access. The general Director and the new member of the foundation participated in these tasks.

13th January. The General Director of the Foundation informs the Board of Directors of his intentions to step down from the position due to personal matters that prevent him from performing his duties properly.

20th January. The General Director of the Decentralized Climate Foundation Civil Association presents his resignation letter citing personal reasons, causing all ongoing activities to be halted in order to assess the current situation and ask the General Director for the reason behind his decision. All members of the Foundation participated.

The resignation letter can be found in the Annexe 4.

21st January. From this date onwards, the activities that the members of the Foundation were carrying out in order to devise a restructuring strategy to cover the vacancy of the General Directorate and the tasks that the Director was performing were halted. All members of the Board of Directors participated in this planning activity.

22nd January. Different administrative tasks that the former Director was performing were carried out, such as the reorganization of documents and the creation of a new one proposing the rights and obligations of the members of the Board of Directors. All members of the Board participated in these tasks.

The document outlining the responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors can be found in Annexe 5.


In this section, maintenance activities are carried out on the main infrastructure of the Foundation such as servers, computer equipment and other electronic devices that the foundation uses for its daily operation.

The two main developers of the Foundation actively participate in these activities.

Social Services Requirements.

:moneybag: Finance.

The Finance section is located in Annexe 6, which details the income, expenses, and expenditures made by the foundation throughout the month.

:clipboard:Ongoing projects.

In this section, we show the works we are currently involved in.

We are currently working with the first Social Service, who is helping us with the documentation of the Foundation’s internal processes.

We are teaching them agile methodologies as a way of working and organizing, and we are providing them with leveling workshops so that they can later join the intense work required to streamline the projects and tasks that the Foundation will develop.

The Foundation is also in search of funds and will probably enroll in an entrepreneurship project bootcamp in the city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

:pencil:Future goals and objectives

The future projects and new objectives that the Foundation plans to carry out are broadly as follows:

The DECA 2 project, the updating of its diagrams and documentation by NSI in order to apply for an economic stimulus from CONACyT. Within this project, the removal of carbon credits from the processes of this cryptocurrency is proposed, as well as the updating of references and documentation, the updating of MVP information by adding use cases and MAXCOIN sequences, the updating of the working model between NSI and the Foundation, and the creation of a DCF and NSI agreement.

There is another high-interest project to be developed within the Foundation, which is the MVP of the IHS company. As it is a project proposal, the plan is to start with the research of the necessary information to develop the MVP and a development proposal. This project is initially only in the research phase.

The Foundation is also working on important matters, such as the funding options that exist. There are two viable options to obtain resources, both of which are government agencies, although the procedures are completely different.

The first is called CLUNI, which is a stimulus granted by the Mexican State to Civil Associations and somewhat guarantees the obtaining of resources from the Mexican government.

The second is the CONACyT scholarship, which is the National Council of Science and Technology of the Mexican Government, and is a stimulus with which the Foundation, through the DECA 2 project, plans to attract funds for technology development.

These are some of the projects that the Foundation has for the future to work on in the coming months, hoping they will be completed as soon as possible.

🎯 Conclusions and recommendations

In conclusion, during the month of january, we have made significant progress in achieving the objectives of our foundation. We have carried out fundraising activities and identified opportunities to improve our internal management. In addition, we have updated and organized our donor database.

Regarding recommendations, we consider it important to continue working on fundraising to finance the ongoing projects. Also, it is essential to implement measures to improve efficiency in the management of the foundation’s resources, with the aim of maximizing its impact. Finally, we recommend continuing to update and organize the donor database, which will allow us to establish more effective and long-lasting relationships with our collaborators.

In summary, we believe that this has been a very productive month for our foundation, and we are confident that by following these recommendations we will be able to achieve our short and long-term goals.



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